2 in 1

I fucked myself about a week ago bioaccount I'm less oligophrenic on my computer 😉 I mean, first I ignored all security measures and second because I'm an idiot 😀 In general, things looked pretty bad, but it turned out to be nice, that the rhombus for the bios is on the base вите the new ones don't make them almost like that, which I'm very happy about, because otherwise desolder the toy and leave it not. Today I have time after work to grab a person I know has a programmer, fortunately for me, the rum turned out to be more than perfect – standard with 8 feet abe perfectly. We start reprogramming it something gives us the wrong ID ба fucking movie. At one point, the man changed the power supply to the programmer and everything was fine. For 10 min I had a rewritten bios :mrgreen: 😀

The second thing was that today I had time to single source the leaves the server and get him tested and squeeze the mirrors, that lenny is already stable нали And I don't like it so I prefer a little newer things. I edited and gave him upgrades, Male Male Almost all packages have been updated, fuck and if it will work 🙄 Well, there is only one way to find out, I frowned and began to wait 🙂 And oh the world recovered, that she loaded the SUPER machine faster! Already haivana is still with tetoning packages 😉 let's not learn stable ligatures.

ps here's her song 😉

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