10 years wiht me

Today one of my colleagues has 10 Wedding anniversary of his 🙂 extremely sympathetic news. I want to make the most- good wishes and wish them 10 times as much to celebrate marriage 😉

The news is very nice and makes you realize. What causes people to marry (marry). For example, already two of my friends are passengers 🙄 One married in the summer and the other yet but I live quite respectable marriage footing, then there is a third but Toi not hurry 🙂 Anyway, my point is what they kPa to lock yourself approbated another level – love, It did not sound too lightly. Като цяло любовта само по себе си е нещо сериозно но за такова решение 😯 та в едно женско списание бях чел че тя е коктеил от хормони с опрделено деиствие и продължителност. To faithfully under vazdeistvieto and maybe the married people, но това сие безумно сериозно. You have to have an idea than it ever Maybe love will go, because it's just unnatural to want something you have, you should be able to get to the stage where you know stozi person will have the understanding and tarpimosta. Фен съм на доживотните бракове 😉 Уф отдалечих се та се чудех дали човек взима тоа решение на базата на мисълта или просто след 5-тия месец страстна изгаряща любов предлага да се ожени за приятелката си. Има го и другия вариант – “When did Mrs. X is the woman that needs to marry. When I realized that Mrs. X is in the third month.” Is this already the dumb version marriage commitment. Something DOSA are my chaotic thoughts. Overall it just spins in your head how can you be sure that this is the man, everything vkraina account will be fine. I think there is no answer to this question 🙂

ps I have my editor on my blog at 😎- then stop to harass people my wonderful my spelling and hihihihihi 😉

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