Well done to me for more than half a year I have not written до Which is somewhat strange because it really gives me pleasure to blog, but it freezes me or when I'm blogging I don't have a computer on hand 🙂 I'm a fool and that's it I can't have more comments spit on me and beat me with stones 😀 Well, what can I tell you there's nothing new around me everything is old 😉 😀 maitapya for half a year a baby's life can be created. 🙂 well now to tell except 😉

In general, as I look there are 3 important things worth noting им

1. I have a new computer 😛 hihihihihih so dreamy but its config is as follows

  • AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000+ с 1MB keш L2
  • M3N-H/HDMI bottom that supports keel modern extras
  • 2GB @ 1066 Kingston frame which works in principle on 800 only with AM2 + works on 1066
  • 550W Fortron power supply enough to cover my needs
  • with a black box of asus which is generally nothing special

Sounds good right 😉 overall my idea is to buy soon 4 nuclear processor but first I think to buy 9800GTX video that embedded 8300 not something special 🙂

2. I no longer play any online shit and stuff maybe from around 4 months I absolutely “clean” 🙂

3. Last but not least, when you think about it, the above is quite important and with a certain predominance over the first 🙂 there is a wonderful being with whom I have been in a relationship for several months, for which I am very grateful, that it lasts me even though I often behave wrongly or it's just me… tell him neo and don't insult him 😀 Did you call me a beetle?, not 😉 Basically I'm a professional and I only write squats on my blog but I will try to be serious at least in 2 sentences. Darling, I love you, I'm glad you think so too.

And so as long as you interpret lyrical deviations in general, you realized that I wasted no time 😉

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