chyrowa work or a brief history of the minor

fuckin ' I sometimes feel betrayed or tolkvoa… evil and nesma what is your. I know I prekolno emotional, but sometimes I just find it hard to swallow a couple of people of which undoubtedly zakhil somehow. I, of course, wounded or clearly offended. I hold myself optimally well, but if he deserves it. With his cold expression and besitran frasne. Panago, I wonder if I give too much.. doomed Affairs. I know I imaginero being blogdemo between the real meaning and dreams, but I wish the world was a little nicer place. I know that this blog is much different from all Osmanli, but prima Vista there is no other way 🙁 And sometimes just things the way they were written to happen. Never as ocaas to get what you give, or at least something Runestone. Дори не е нормално да очаваш да получиш ама нали сме хора и се придържаме към другата част. Знам че нешата не са такива каквито изглеждат ама нараняват досатъчно и бе да са такива. I am quite proudly the merits and could not be, it's time to show you what I am, or just… to continue with imagineria my world. Sometimes people need the words themselves or 2 for posusta well 🙂 even a frame 😉 And when smykal flat promises or even worse excuses Sorka, but it is rude. Not I is that dhcpd is stalking me well, prenebrezhenie respect.

You know that I, of course, hylia where to worry about crap I hope you're not respete my post that way 🙂

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