hard work or a short minor story

fuck sometimes I feel so betrayed or… you are angry and insane. I know I'm too emotional, but sometimes it's just hard for me to swallow the attitude of someone I didn't deserve.. I did not hurt or offend. I behaved optimally best, and whether he deserves it. With his cold words and blunt phrases. Sometimes I wonder if I give too much in.. doomed cause. I know I'm an imaginary creature wandering between reality and dreams but I wish the world was a little better place. I know that this blog is far different from all the others, but on the prima vista there is no other way 🙁 Anyway sometimes things are just written for them to happen. You can never expect to receive what you give or at least something equivalent. Дори не е нормално да очаваш да получиш ама нали сме хора и се придържаме към другата част. Знам че нешата не са такива каквито изглеждат ама нараняват досатъчно и бе да са такива. I'm a pretty proud creature, and maybe it's time to show that I'm like that or just that… to continue with my imaginary world. Sometimes a person needs a word or 2 to feel better 🙂 there is even a frame 😉 And when you get away with flat promises or even worse excuses sorka but that's rude. It's not enough that dhcpd bothers me, but the contemptuous attitude.

You know that I'm not a rascal who grumbles about nonsense, I hope you don't misunderstand my post 🙂

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