Hosting changes

It's been a long time since I wrote about last time but I'm quite busy with my new job, I have yet to be set and I put Internet on my new site. Separately, that hosting where was housed my little blog it struck a lot of hardware woes and there was a period in which he could not function due to the inability to have physical access to the machine. After a long thinking, I made a decision to transfer my blogčeto to a public web server, decision which required a lot of thinking and not particularly easy acceptance. I am, above all, system administrator and it hits my pride very, but at the moment I don't have a suitable machine to be hosted site so, that swallow bitter morsel and moving on. Aside from this fact and the fact that I'm extremely limited by the possibility of manipulation by apache settings + php + mysql things don't seem so bad. People make regular backups they have dizast″r recovery plan they have technical assistance which can ask for help – as well as the need to import the backup of the database that is in the modest size of about 1GB. For now there are still a few minor settings to finish but this is going to be like rilram nerve to fight stupid cpanel 😆


  1. Аз затова ползвам услугите на blogspotне ми се налага да се грижа за хостинг..

    Така и така не ми остава време да пиша в блога, поне да отметна грижата за работещ и константно защитен сървър на някой друг 🙂

    1. Дам така е преди бях доста по айляк с времето и особенно като сървърчето ми беше в съседната стая беше доста лесно 🙂 По принцип в първия удобен момент в които има перспектива за някакъв стабилен сървър под мой контрол ще го вдигна на него. Каквото и да си говорим собствено оптимизиран и защитен сървър си е друга бира 🙂

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