Yesterday I went to get my diploma from the university, but not the one for graduation 😆 I forgot what a miracle this university is 🙂 feng big. in general, I still have acquaintances, for example, the rector or keel teachers or even their administrator “Hi Uri“. Of the students we used to be, no one left, not that I care. Anyway, my thought was that somehow such a strange feeling came over me, some memories wonders great. In general, I miss those lives, not something else. Мисля че постъпих правилно нали пак съм решил да ставам студент така че трябвапе все да се откажа от тоя университет. После се видях си приятели толкова е хубаво да се виждаш с хора с които някога си делил всичко 🙂 в тея моменти оценяваш хората които са останали около теб, worth and which not.

Minor havi arrives. I bought a hell of a lot of sneakers globe appleyard vagrant for straight for no money. My singles have a white sole and the gray fabric is brown 🙂 If you ever see a store “Rhytons” you get into it without thinking about it and you'll get lost at a pretty decent price, that even indecent for such sneakers. in general I saw that they mainly work with globe.

Who says you don't make rock these days

A hell of a good piece, I sometimes wonder how many good hits there are in the new bands.

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