Yesterday I went to get my diplomakata from the University, but not for this zav″švane 😆 I forgot what kind of miracle is it 🙂 a big University Feng. in General still have known as the Rector or keel or teachers even their Admin “Hi Uri“. Of the students who were not already known no one ever left, not that I care de. Anyway misalta was that somehow a takvoa strange feeling hit me, the big orange miracle memories. Overall, I those lipva life, not something else. I think I did the right thing right back I've decided to become a student so trâbvape has to give up this University. Then I saw my friends so it's nice to see people that have ever shared all 🙂 in these moments you appreciate people that are left around you, worth it and which ones don't.

Enough minor Javi. I bought a damn damn, man prâtnite globe appleyard vagrant for directly for free. Who told you my have a white outsole and grey fabric is Brown 🙂 If you ever see shop “Rhytons” vm″kvaite him without his thinking will kill the pretty decent price, He and obscene for those damn, man. overall, I watched that mainly work with globe.

Who says that nowadays don't play Rock

Adki good piece is sometimes čuudvam how good hits there are on new bands.

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