male sometimes how annoyed. how can there be so many impudent people. I come home after work gorgi and they insist that I do some work for them. what's worse is that they insist that you do the work of their friends and so on. the dumbest thing is that my friends are writing to me and they are looking for me only when I have to give them another smart piece of advice in the computer field and they haven't played to drink a beer. sometimes they even send with intent without even taking one at a time, I don't work for money after work, I only do services for friends, and sometimes I get more. I'm glad that in most cases I don't have to go soon. people are really weird they think everything comes for free, that working on a computer makes your job easier. but they have no idea how much they lie, you have to make decisions to look for new ways to read, to self-destruct, to move those brain ganglia where they don't burden you with more than 3-4%. that they have any idea what it's like to have a headache because you can't decide because thousands depend on it 🙂 if they have more headaches it's because they've sat too much in the sun or beer during the lunch break. of such a pessimistic and confused turn out I'm just in a very naughty mood

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