Фикс Идеите ми и….

By 2 days I'm obsessed with obsession. It's that feeling that makes you want to want to do something, the unexplained for you Reas. By 2 trying to put my Mac OS X Unfortunately without any success. most- v″zmožanat reason is my AMD Sempron processor conflicting 2800+. I'm mad. Horror for this reason considering replacing your entire PC with a new Intelska architecture. It's a little funny and fun because of how would a novelty will change my computer, but every happened to him as he enters something in the head to kill it and then you still only one thing that can be done – TO SURRENDER. I think initially to install the operacina system in the Office to use it a day or two because it is absolutely illegal to be used on a different architecture other than the company's Apple, hoping to stop a little bit miharsva and death says “to načeša scabies”.
And now I can tell how I lit 🙂 . About 2 weeks appear interesting problem – to let go VPN under MAC OS. Because prices for many me boss software problems (Besides, no one including me has not worked with MAC OS) sent me to see what I can do. Is through natural …. or at least the second attempt. Operaciona impress me system itself as with beauty and with speed 🙂 . And his sosbstvenička impress me (a small lyrical digression, This is a story about the time etc etc), and so now I'm going to get my new pretty good iron …. just because of my obsession (прищевките ми).

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