Fix Ideite mi i….

From 2 days I'm obsessed with a fixed idea. It's the feeling that makes you want to do something, for reasons inexplicable to you. From 2 days trying to put on MAC OS X unfortunately without any success. The most- a possible reason is my incompatible AMD processor Sempron 2800+. I'm dying of anger. Horror for this reason is considering replacing his entire computer with a newer Intel architecture. It's a bit funny and amusing how I will change my computer just because of a supposed novelty, but it has happened to everyone that when something enters his head he cannot kill it and then you are left with only one thing that can be done – TO GIVE UP TO HIM. I'm thinking of initially installing the operating system in question in the office to use it for a day or two because it's absolutely illegal to use it on a different architecture than Apple's., hoping at least a little to stop miharsva and death is called “to scratch my scabies”.
And now I can tell you how I got fired 🙂 . Before about 2 weeks an interesting problem arose – to let go VPN under MAC OS. Because my boss appreciates me a lot for software problems (and no one, including me, has worked with MAC OS) send me to check what i can do. Well, I let her go, of course …. or at least from the second attempt. The operating system itself impressed me with both its beauty and speed . And his co-owner herself impressed me (a little lyrical deviation, this is another story for another time), and so now I plan to get another pretty good iron …. just because of your fixed ideas (my whims).

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