Off before 3 days I decided to make the machine ships upgrades hostvaŝata, that is to replace it with a new. But as he's not been quite successful. Generally maš″nata that was supposed to be the new host is 3200+ with 512 drr @ 400 with my favorite d″nce ASUS 🙁 but nebilo written. I stop old machine transfer the hard drive on new and I'm starting to prienstal pass on a different architecture still know way to transfer without loss. And decide to preinstalna with my old CD for netinstall didn't decide that's doing that too few steps. Svealâm new smnâm same cables that HAVA's stuff and the screen blinked and stuck my 🙄 machine resvam and no no I'm starting to pick cables RAM nobody. Hell! I thought it was a video about what happened karatat blinking 🙂 I found another video release still unpleasant surprise- None no. SUX I got a pci video card from a friend dealing with repair of ŝaigeri and try again no 🙁 raboatat holds a fat RAM no cpu change. In this včere mastoâŝata my machine and it does some shit after a quick clean everything with it orpavi at least 🙂 is Stupid now that I'm back with my old machine is anemic and would do some streaming palvi Javi. Health is to get d″nce and then a socet 🙂 If there is some nice young one with ddr memory to whistle I accept offers 😉

ps for me I got burned Sorka is missing you 😈

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