Of before 3 days I decided to upgrade the host machine, that is, to replace it with a new one. But apparently he was not quite successful. In general, the machine that was supposed to be the new host is 3200+ from 512 drr @ 400 with my favorite asus bottom 🙁 but it wasn't written. I stop the old machine, transfer the hard drive to the new one and start for the port, switch to a different architecture, I still don't know how to transfer without loss. And I decide to reinstall with my old netinstall CD but it doesn't work I decide it's too scratched. Svealyam new again the same hava I change cables tovati that thing and at one point the screen blinked and my machine crashed 🙄 I comb and there is no one I start to pick up cables ram no one. Fuck! I decided it was a carat video because of the blinking that happened 🙂 I found another video I'm playing another unpleasant surprise- no one is. SUX I found my pci video card from a friend who deals with repairing steigers and I try again none и work thick change ram cpu none. During this yesterday my greasy machine is doing some misery and after a quick cleaning everything is messing with it at least 🙂 The stupid thing is that now I'm back with the old anemic machine and I would like to do various palms streaming havi. Cheers, I'll find some socet a and then 🙂 If someone has a readable one with a DDR memory to whistle I accept offers 😉

ps Sorka for my incompetence, I hope you missed me 😈

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