Well, finally my first blog for 2009 appeared 🙂 I had started writing some but it's still in beta 😉 and I'm a little tired of finishing 😳 In general, a very ordinary evening with two interesting exceptions 🙂

First I realized I had a double- it was an absolute shock to me 🙂

Damn, he looks like me in my teens, but he's plumper. Ста This picture in my head makes me think a lot of interesting things., whether he has the same interests, wishes a name 🙂 In general I understood that the young man is on 17 or 18 and he wants to study medicine, obviously the similarities were only partial 🙂 and we had the same look as a piinel 😆 😎

Secondly, I heard a very nice song. It's so hard to find good music now. The song is by the French trio Telepopmusik and the song itself is called Breathe 🙂 Enjoy IT


  1. maleee, shte grumna! kak moje toq pic tuka lelelel, murtuv si! hahahah shte te sudq za lichni danni! 😀

    1. ами това беше важно нямаше как да не го спомена 😉

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