I am most- bad student of the world! Interrupt for a second year in a row, I take an exam during the first, Abe complex HAVA. Today I went to get my student status – in other words to keep their student rights and exams. Hmmm my plan is basically by the end of the 3rd semester, they fit a maximum of 2 exam 😎 . So far I've taken no exam – very simple, died on iinata to leave school (stupid). Anyway and, coming to a little cabin grow 😉 and dance I met some old colleagues and a colleague spat application ;). “Let's help to make the examination work. You gotta make a program similar to Paint.” 😀 me how to not have to in all the doom-Sayers z″rša ložene that these people are lead elite programsiti 😉 already 4th course have become 😛 as it is and to help with the strategy he's only co-anchor flašče, t″m″n and to teach him right Cuz nemoda a normal animaciika. But that's a lyrical otkloneie. Общото взето налегнаха ме един меланхолични спомени от уневерситета. Оф нещо съм поуморен и немога да пиша словоохтливо като хората 😀

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