I am the most- the worst student in the world! I'm taking a break for the second year in a row, I didn't take any exams in the first one, abe complex hava. Today I went to fix my student status – that is, to keep my student rights and to take exams. Hmmm, my plan is to get to the maximum by the end of the 3rd semester 2 exam 😎 . So far, I haven't taken any exams – quite simple, I died in the act of dropping the teacher (dumb). Anyway, he thought, that it was time for me to grow up a little 😉 and dance I met some old colleagues and a colleague spat out the request ;). “Come on, help me do my exam work. We need to make a program similar to Paint.” 😀 how can I not be inspired to see when these people are leading elite programmers already 😉 4th year they have become 😛 Anyway, I thought to help a strata colleague with a flash drive, dark and learn it like people because I can't make a normal animation. But this is a lyrical deviation. In general, I was overwhelmed by melancholy memories from university. I'm a little tired and I can't write as eloquently as people do

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