phone reflections

Now predmalku to watch the service on your phone and see, I splattered diplay, didn't know what it is. Communicate directly threw – SFU is one veteran Sony Ericsson T230 but in General, its function was to drive around a lot of time in conversations and … and this. In the office my phone, I only talk to a special group of people, for more I have a personal 😉 Not that my personal this miracle of technology K310 I flashnul software W200i this too me is not required for Naqvi Xavi, like photos and videos, it has its own digital cameras 😉 so my point is that so far sakray polojenie with one pensionerka J100i about the company, but soon I need private for me to become a business and buy something for safekeeping of personal. А ако ще си копувам ще искам да е нещо по така да речем с windows mobile че да мога да в последствие да му кача линукс или пък android-a на google. At the moment, consider any affectionate Xavi and americh quite an interesting offer for HTC Diamond. But I sigdat to give tolkvoa money on the phone hihihihihi, the great dilemma, isn't it, on the other hand, soon my day and not bad to make yourself a nice gift. Abe a big dilemma 😈 and if kupuvam phone not some ordinary, I have zhigalki on it, on the other hand, I have a Asus EEE 1000H I fills life for other Chalki. And as long as I teased people with idiocy, if there are some ofertan phone this Rand whistle 😉

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