telephone reflections

Now I look at the office phone too little and see, that I blew up his display without realizing it. I threw it away directly – he is a veteran Sony Ericsson T230 but overall his function was to drive a lot of time talking and yes … and yes it is. I only talk to a special group of people on my office phone, for more I have a personal 😉 Not that my personal is a miracle of technology K310 which I flashed with the software on W200i I also don't need this for some havi such as photos and videos, that's why he has digital cameras 😉 so my thought is that for now I have fixed the situation with a retired J100i for business but soon I will have to make my personal business and buy some more readable for personal. And if I'm going to dig, I'll want it to be something like, say, with windows mobile so that I can later upload Linux or google's android. For now, I'm looking at some nice things and I've come up with a pretty interesting offer for HTC Diamond. But I like to give so much money for a phone hihihihihi, big dilemma right, on the other hand, it will soon be my birthday and it will not be bad to make a nice gift. Abe is a big dilemma 😈 and if I'm going to dig up my phone it won't be some ordinary, that I wish there were clicks on it, on the other hand I have an Asus EEE 1000H which fills my life for other rattles. Anyway, as long as I annoy people with idiots, if some have an offer phone from this rand to whistle 😉

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