Exe today I am super productive squared nasty problem of smailite who appeared with some some ost″pi takvia borderi generally proved that I was looking in the wrong place when generally 😉 krietvat smailite have their class and I thought of him comes the problem I'm looking at a css class I don't find I thought somewhere from v″trre Ho filed no defined but izv″tre around contents gone crazy tonight 👿 postanh a photo and saw that and it comes out the same way and now I'm struggling with that having that set the img tag and here's the father-source.

postContent img {
margin: 10px;
border: 3px solid #CCC;

just remove it and you have no problems if I use temička as my 😉 and annoy your things around msailite and the pictures were generally useful classes for these pictures, however, however, don't touch my smailite can I do considering he's only klasče especially for smailite which excludes all other classes or something like that but we'll see when I will have more time. as well as changing them themselves not smaili like I prefer these crazy QIP but see when I will have more time now that some projects are spinning the 😉 schemes, 🙄

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