Finally goodbye, goodbye, summer. We went in September, as they say old people that if a month does not “p” so, was the summer 🙂 Except that I, in my opinion, so simpatichnie autumn where things are one, taquia, Spokoiny slowly, even the smell of the air is very specificna for him, starts and my depressi which will last about 11 days – my day. As some of you know Neo-he hates the very, things almost heithir it 🙂 , and his birthday in the room 2 in the list. More in may I hate Christmas 😉 Fuckin ' you I just to grow old yet 1 year, horror has become 24. It nachaloto quite a serious stage in a person's life. You and I may have to redo a little of his youthful taste for clothes, macaskie my manners, Abe nothing beats 😆 If these days are not rattled and don't you scribble some lines to know that this is due to Malone day. Yovi and one autumn song, if I showed you that before Sha mA Bosch took as a basis the traditional :lol:


  1. Не се отчавай за 9/11. Мисли позитивноне само, че ставаш с една година по-умен, но и ще имаш уважителен повод да се напиеш в компания. 🙂

    1. ами незнам аз съм в колебания дори дали го да го празнувам ама като се знам каквъ съм в последняи момент ще измисял нещо 🙂 има много време до тогава 😀

  2. Че какво му е лошото да си на 24?!? Аз като бяхна 24ех, какво весело беше 😉

    1. ами не ме кефи идеята че остарявам че още една година от живота ми е отишла и т.н 🙂

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