It's finally goodbye summer. We entered in September, as the old people say if there is none in the month “p” so it's summer 🙂 Besides starting in my opinion such a nice autumn season where things are the same, calm slow even the smell of the air is hellishly specific to him, begins my depression which will continue around 11 days – until my birthday. As some of you know, Neo hates it a lot, things are almost hater 🙂 , and his birthday is numbered 2 in the list. I hate Christmas more 😉 Ebassi will grow old with more 1 year, horror will already arise 24. This is the beginning of a very serious stage of a person's life. I will have to change my youthful taste for clothes little by little, my boyish manners, abe nothing good 😆 If these days I did not explode and I do not scratch you in some order to know that it is because of the stupid day. Here's an autumn song, if I've shown it to you before, I'm sorry :mrgreen:


  1. Не се отчавай за 9/11. Мисли позитивноне само, че ставаш с една година по-умен, но и ще имаш уважителен повод да се напиеш в компания. 🙂

    1. ами незнам аз съм в колебания дори дали го да го празнувам ама като се знам каквъ съм в последняи момент ще измисял нещо 🙂 има много време до тогава 😀

  2. Че какво му е лошото да си на 24?!? Аз като бяхна 24ех, какво весело беше 😉

    1. ами не ме кефи идеята че остарявам че още една година от живота ми е отишла и т.н 🙂

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