A lot of time I wrote mostly after my birth fell to a critically low level 🙁 Only what one can only regret and apologize to all gentle persons who read my murataite. Overall I have a great excuse besides lack of inspiration, if I may so call it what I copyrka write nonsense 😎 Overall, I even anything significant in the evening playing WoW to kill time or viewing of any movie and then fall asleep by the pensioner. Even I have stopped working for quite some time NUKA, but corrected his mistake, and soon I hope to get veroia 1 😉 again I made a lot of changes and I hope that all quality. Now test and if everything is OK during the week will announce the news bits 😉 I'm Also planning to rewrite the description of the installation and in the next version and write it setup, currently scripts can only work with 2 vizshi hihihihihih.

Even now I am angry, what does not cool Poston and write, in spite of himself 😆 Very large isfinal handsome love you all

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