One chamber time I haven't written at all after my birthday the posts have dropped to a critically low level 🙁 The only thing I can only regret and apologize to all the nice people who read my nonsense. Overall, I don't have a big excuse other than a lack of desire and inspiration, if I can call it something that makes me want to write nonsense 😎 In general, I don't even do anything meaningful in the evening I play WoW to kill some time or watch a movie and then fall asleep in retirement. I had even stopped working on NUKI for a long time, but I have corrected my mistake, and soon I hope to gain faith 1 😉 I have made a lot of changes again and I hope they will always be of good quality. Now I'm testing and if everything is fine in a week I will announce a novelty 😉 I also plan to rewrite the description for installation and in the next version to write an installer, that currently scripts are only allowed to work with 2 визши хихихиихихх.

Even now I'm angry that you don't get a cool post and I write stubbornly to myself 😆 I apologize very much, guys, I love you all

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