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Last week I had a problem with a machine that processes it for some stopping power surges because of her current ever stop Abe EVN hits 😉 in takvia times the machine turn but some secondary processes require manual intervention and so one day I had 5-6 times to get to donaglasâ things. 🙂 As they say laziness is a major dvžeŝa force and such and I zapretnah drasn sleeves to some script that to ensure that the processes are there when you need 🙂 ;)Have done for 30 min with get skripčtče short testinga whose heart is circulating

CNT=`ps ax | grep -v grep| grep jic-tak | wc -l`

if [ $CNT = 0 ]
/path/to/start/process/jik-tak > /dev/null


overall this heart care to check how running process-jik tak and if the result is zero 🙂 to start it. I hit it in a Crohn's can run on 20 min and I decided as my glvaoboliâ keel said the truth is mate ShadowX simple solutions 😉

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