fairy tale

Today I came across this wonderful once again…

Did he fall asleep??
May,that I woke you up…
Forgive me, that I have come to you now!
My soul is going crazy
in the embrace of my sadness!
I am alone, and so I am told,
my mouth sticks to silence!
Don't chase me!I'll be leaving soon,
I came here in the storm crying.
I'll sit next to your head, to her here
and I will tell you a tale,
in which he has laid an evil lesson
a sage of old…
…A robber wandered all his life
and Nivga did not return home,
and instead of a heart, hidden under his shirt
he wore an evil and bloody dagger.
He cheated on darkened caravans
and only during the day hid his knife,
and his knife of blood did not rust,
a man like the Devil was bad….
…But he too one day from fatigue
under the sun at the crossroads asleep.
He was kicked by the people in a hurry
and no one stopped by his head…
Just a little ragged girl
he covered his head with a leaf.
The one cried,loved for the first time,
cried that, the robber. Why ?
Which warmed that hard heart,
unheated in life never?
One hand made it then
tears of bloodshot eyes to flow.
One hand, warmer than a hearth
gave the thug that,
which he had not bought with anything-
us with a robbery dear, us with a severed head.
But you fell asleep, and I'm so cold!
That fabulous girl,where is it?
It warmed the robber then,
and you never warmed me like that.


I think this song is absolutely in the spirit of the above


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