Today I stumbled again on this wonderful…

Zaspivala whether?
May,they woke up…
Forgive me, I come to you now!
My soul pulls to the historical
in the arms of my sorrow!
Alone I, and so I've been told,
my mouth to stick to silent!
I don't extinguish!I'm going to go in the near future,
I'm here, I came from the storm cry.
Will sit in the head, Hey, here
and will you tale one,
which laid the evil lesson
a wise man from old times…
…A robber all his life wandered
nigga and never came home,
instead of a heart, under his shirt is hidden
he was an evil and bloody dagger.
Preverbal he zamykani kervani
and only during the day hid your knife,
and his sword from blood, rust is not huawel,
man how the Devil was bad….
…But he one day from exhaustion
under the sun on the verge of sleeping.
Podavali his Pyrzowice people
and no the head has not ceased…
Just a little kipawa girl
his head was Parrilo sheet.
He cried,the first time loved,
he cried, Razboinik. Why ?
What stopello in the heart Corvo,
nestopia in life no time?
One hand fury,
tears, bloody look works.
With one hand, warmer than flash
дала на главореза онова,
което той не бил закупил с нищо-
ни с обир скъп, ни с рязана глава.
Но ти заспа, а тъй ми е студено!
Онуй приказно момиче,где е то?
То стоплило разбойника тогава,
а ти тъй мен не стопли никой път.


Смятам че тази песничка е абсолютно в духа на горното


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