User is an interesting creature. Overall we are all users, and offer such thing 🙂 Quite dvointvena link… Whatever, I generally divided users into several groups spoired capacity. Both uspvat to buy nuclear bomb and her slobyavat themselves are Advance guys 😉 Other his bought the chainsaw after careful reading of the instructions deal you qualify them as normal advanced. Third is installing new lamps but half having to shout friend to finish those already normally nazadnali 😆 last group He bought his wrists from the store and returned to ask how to open these 😉 I call them consumers. Overall I write because of the latter group such. These creatures incessantly me izmuvyat with nature and behavior. Overall intruktsii them some if not well photographed and the leadership to place the tank is at least 200 straitsi mother tongue returned to magazinza because of a defective product, why because ness managed to cope with the difficult task of use. They love to receive things as easily, chewed that even half Milled 😉 worse is that both consume and live, eat sleep, sex, teach their children the same consumerist deinost. Nobody wants spuer skills splaisnesh optical fiber or to rewrite draiverite in binary code 🙄 but sometimes need a little napregnesh ganglia where they just sit and prashasva… Faithfully it is always easier to do some things that you need to do or get it half done, but when your life is reduced to ultra sophisticated choice between which channels on the TV to watch… Tell me you're alive… Spa, eat, sulfur , breathe therefore I am alive. Yeah exist! There is nothing wrong to have takvia beings they are far stronger showing how others 3 groups surpass them.

I'm sorry if I offended some, but hate dumb creatures!!!

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  1. Бравооооооооооооо, страхотно описание на невежите люде
    И аз така съм забелязъл и че много дразнят със невежите си въпроси особено, и ако решиш да и м разясниш нещо елементарно може да загубиш цяла вечност
    Но в точно този момент преди да експлоадираш погледни благодарносхта в очите им и как си издигнат на пиедистал със ореол над главата си !
    И друго положително е че да изкараш пари от такива хора е кат да вземеш играчката на малсо дете 😉

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