The consumer

The consumer is an interesting creature. In general, we are all consumers, as well as we offer such a thing 🙂 Quite a two-way connection… Whatever, I have generally divided users into several groups according to their capacity. Some manage to buy a nuclear bomb and break it themselves, these are the advanced guys 😉 Others dig a chainsaw after carefully reading the instructions, I manage to qualify them as normally advanced.. Others put on new lamps, but half of them have to call a friend to finish, they are already normally behind 😆 and the last group digs their wrist from the store and comes back to ask how to open it 😉 I call them consumers. In general, I write because of the last group of such. These beings do not stop eliciting me with their nature and behavior. In general, for them some instructions if they are not well photographed and the guide for placing the cistern is not at least 200 pages in the mother tongue are returned to the store for a defective product, because they failed to cope with the difficult task of using it. They like to get things as easy as possible, chewed that and even half ground 😉 What's worse is that both they consume and they live, sleep eat, have sex, train their child in the same consumer activity. Nobody wants spoored skills to splice fiber or rewrite your driver in binary code 🙄 but sometimes you need to strain those ganglia where you just sit and dust.… True, it's always easier for someone to do what you have to do or get it half done, but when your life comes down to the ultra-complicated choice of which TV channels to watch… tell me you're alive… Spa, ям, sulfur , I breathe therefore I am alive. If only you existed! There is nothing wrong with having such creatures, they show far more strongly how many others 3 groups outnumber them.

Sorry if I offended some, but we hate dumb creatures!!!

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  1. Бравооооооооооооо, страхотно описание на невежите люде
    И аз така съм забелязъл и че много дразнят със невежите си въпроси особено, и ако решиш да и м разясниш нещо елементарно може да загубиш цяла вечност
    Но в точно този момент преди да експлоадираш погледни благодарносхта в очите им и как си издигнат на пиедистал със ореол над главата си !
    И друго положително е че да изкараш пари от такива хора е кат да вземеш играчката на малсо дете 😉

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