Last berth

🙂 I changed my hosting again this time 100% is the last 😉 The machine is located on 1 meter from me ahahahahaha so I have nowhere else to move 😉 If you are impressed the url address has changed 😉 You can use the old redirection or straight url which is a real domain not very meaningful but…. when I have more money I will buy a domain for now I will drive like this 😉 The new hosting is mind-boggling ahahahahaha Pentium 3 with 3x64MB ram 😉 ahahahahahaha I'll give it if I have time I'll put some more ram otherwise I equipped it with lighthttpd for web server php it runs like fastcgi 😉 I just couldn't think of a way to use something lighter for SQL Lightsql's WordPress to stick to his door 😉 Now I'm in a bit of a hurry with the server transfers and I won't explain in detail but a little later I can call how to make a web server with the above attributes 🙂

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