Wish 2011

Traditionally, on this day I write a wish to everyone who manages to read. In general, my wish is simple and is based on the recently discovered true formula for happiness. – when a person has love and work he is happy. In general, it sounds simple and yes it is, but like more real things in life they are simple. So I wish you to be happy and to have love, to be well insured and not to feel short. Everything else will work out somehow. I wish you the new one 2011 to be more successful than the previous one.

Now again, a slight retrospective. For me, the passing of the old year was blessed , sometimes with varying degrees of success, but she was good. I failed to achieve all my dreams or desires, but let it be for the next one. This time I think I will miss the specific details, because not everything is very clear and in most cases there is more 2 faces and things are difficult to distinguish.

Here's a piece for a strong mood – let it charge you. 😈


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