Wish 2010

The current year 2009 is about to roll. For the new upcoming 2010 I will wish you my friends more health and happiness, good luck and warm (positive) feelings. I think this is a good minimum to have everything in the head in the new year 🙂

Now let me do a little retrospective 😉 For me, the current 2009 was extremely successful. I bought my beautiful vehicle, I have a solid personal NUKI project behind me already, I also have serious peaks in my work. Personally, my life has also improved significantly. What can I say I'm really lucky 🙂 I hope yours have been no less successful than mine, and even if it was, one should not lose hope, that the new one will be better and more complete.



  1. За много години, колега! Жив и здрав да си и все така технически грамотен. 🙂

    1. мерси младежо и на теб така и все таки хубави цветни превюта за холивудската истина да пишеш 😉

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