I'm sick

Hey I'm sick, fucking shitty country. I'm sick of drunken idiots in the streets from noon, one cannot say 1 Word and are the big men. I'm sick of crappy drivers who drive like they are on the way. I'm sick of fuck who will ride with me 10 min more to izcaka me with 50 cents. I'm sick of the stupid kukeri doto will pick for meaningless things with fine mouse just to izkârât 10 bucks from it. I'm sick of all the crazies from my hitreât and they think they know more than others, and are the zeroes. I'm sick of fucking time. Писна ми от бездушито на хора към техните проблеми и малодушито на очакването някои да ги оправи, well to fix you mostly sexual 😉 I'm sick of assholes who don't abide by their promises, If you are a Schmuck like me and you find it difficult to perform the promised not because you do not want, I just don't obeŝavaite 😉 I'm sick of fucking that guy at the bar duck and are ready for anything after some. I'm sick of the little guy in the streets sending Pokémon games dress like sluts, then why there were no rapes, what they're looking for him. I'm sick and tired of irresponsible parents that their kids pušato 4-5 class and digging in the sand instead of pumpkins to take in hands. I'm sick of even by the fact that I'm sick. Ponâkog wonder and sometimes not, Why bother. Well otgovara is simple – If you're faint-hearted retards probably already think that boy's not right at the head. Give your right but if you're from that other small group 🙂 will you be clear about what this is all about. It's not that complicated to put an electron in the ganglion, He had something 😉 😈


  1. Прав си брат, тва е насрана държава , за съжаление триябва да се изчистят старите поколения /50-на години/ и после да се изгради всичко от начало!

    1. и не само старите ами мисленето на 99% от селинджерите 😉 смисал 99% от хората мислят мен са ме преебали ако стана голям и аз ще преебавам и така се получва един порочен кръг

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