I'm sick

I'm tired, fuck the damn country. I'm tired of drunken jerks in the streets since noon, where they can't say 1 word a are the great men. I'm tired of fucking drivers driving like they're the only ones on the road. I'm tired of the damn tips he's going to drive me with 10 min more to fuck me with 50 pennies. I'm tired of dumb mummers until they get caught up in pointless things with the little mouse just to make fun of 10 a penny of it. I'm tired of the oligophrenics who trick me and think they know more than others, and are round zeros. I'm tired of the bad weather. I'm tired of people's indifference to their problems and the cowardice of waiting for some to fix them, Well, they always fix you mostly sexually 😉 I'm tired of idiots who don't keep their promises, if you're a piece of me and it's hard for you to keep your promise not because you don't want to, you just don't promise 😉 I'm tired of fucking ducks that run into the bar and are ready for anything after you treat them one by one. I'm tired of little Pokemon on the streets dressing up as sluts, then why there were rapes, well, they're looking for it. I am fed up with irresponsible parents where their children smoke 4-5 class and dig their pumpkins in the sand instead of picking them up. I'm tired of even the fact that I'm tired. Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I don't, why do I harness so much. Well the answer is simple – if you are one of the cowardly oligophrenics you are probably already thinking abe this boy is not good in the head. I'm right, but if you're from that other little group, you'll know what it's all about. It's not that complicated to put an electron in those ganglia, that he should give birth to something 😉 😈


  1. Прав си брат, тва е насрана държава , за съжаление триябва да се изчистят старите поколения /50-на години/ и после да се изгради всичко от начало!

    1. и не само старите ами мисленето на 99% от селинджерите 😉 смисал 99% от хората мислят мен са ме преебали ако стана голям и аз ще преебавам и така се получва един порочен кръг

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