Пабло Неруда

Recently I read a lot not typical of me things, It's pleasant ones…. (It's from before over 1 Year)

Dying slowly this…
Who does not travel,
Who does not read
And does not listen to music,
That does not detect
Fascination in yourself.

Dying slowly this…
That destroys
Your own White,
Refusing the aid,
Who is not looking for diversity.

Dying slowly this…
which turns
In Slave of Habit,
Passing every day
On the same paths,
Who does not risk
To dress in a different color
And does not talk to strangers.

Dying slowly this…
Who flees from passion
And the whirlpool of feelings,
That return the glow to the eyes
And rescue the sad hearts.

Dying slowly this…
Who doesn't change her life,
When dissatisfied with the work
Or your Love,
Who does not risk the security
About the Unknown,
To pursue a dream,
Which is not decided at least once in a lifetime
Escape the Wise Tips.

Don't die Slowly… Live today!

Risk today! ACT today!

Don't let yourself die slowly!

Don't forget to be happy!

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