Night Of Cinema

Tonight we got together to play. We've got a makeshift Studio and get together once in a while and play. The Studio is located on the border between the town and Hamlet ceganskata. I'm a visitor now 4 years and have never had any problems, and so. We are here to play, and everything goes normally, you rock gotni rock some pieces Floyd, Purple. Birim 🙂 you . And to the 23 hours Tum called Let's sipna a brandy pulled her and go, tomorrow I'm cessing (again). One of our up and coming guys, calling so-and-so from our fight. Find all out group, We were gathered to 10 man, and watch our man arguing with a thick oily Gypsies, and from his mouth bleeding. Eventually I realized, This is the father of the bully, and he was sitting on a bench in an attempt to hold onto the leg and came fighting back with one of us. Meanwhile it became clear, that is with the cut hand (I thought our guy was over some nice cessing). Generally only the two new razdelihne from the fray. When we got back to the Studio we have already seen our guy with pudta mouth and half-slaughtered teeth. It became clear, Mangala bezprični that just hit him while he was sitting outside to smoke a cigarette. Apparently does not like rock music you just alcohol was more than his CHUM (Maybe second). We decided to zv″nem the police to come and help in case if we are not to blame ;). I can only applaud the police for their prompt arrival for less than 5 minutes were arrived. But generally it is exhausted and their excellent presentation. They took data from us, one of the boys are going to be a witness. During this time, the police went to speak with Gypsies and at one point started decorating your levee big chatter. Pozaslušahme is (the lûvopitstvo it a bit heheh) and one Gypsy was ordering the Maquis and the fathers of the hooks, threatening potropvaše with tube, and policaičetata sat and enjoyed. Razbiam them that tried with peaceful means to razminata but 20 minutes of peaceful means in that environment, to excuse themselves really behaved a bit like pussy. Not once we us (d″lgokosite narkomaneto 😉 mât″leto them) shares with demands from shrubs with zagraždaniâ patrilki only for the identity cards and, in the case… It was only after 20 minutu zeha him with it. We mežduvremno with pretty cut-stock, because someone among us adults were left, We decided to leave before it turned up some troops to be on the take with them. Obŝov taken so I went home in 23:59 hahah even before 00:00 his plan met this month. And if you tell me that you don't like the American 3rd divizonen action?

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