night thoughts

I was just coming home from work, a hell of a special night. The dark seemed to cling to you, there is a special scent of night. Once upon a time it was beautiful and mystical.

Today a colleague left us 🙁 in general in our small team we are hellishly well united and more or less purely collegial relations we have surpassed them. It was very hard to know that the person made the right choice and you want to be happy, but there is no way. You know you will miss him. I'm not angry at all, I know she made the right choice, they offered her a great job and her complete madness to refuse. She will be in Dubai on a business trip in a few days 🙂 😉 We will miss Kras, brought a positive light to our office 😎

I'm trying to start work on a serious project 🙂 generally straight first timid steps so I don't always be a mercenary. I really like the job and the company, but some days I just have to start working for myself 🙂 and the project “the boss's wife” must be implemented 🙄 😆 For now I will not release details about the project when I have a working beta I will play enough people we start tests 😉

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