Some statistics

because these days I “a little” busy and have no time for serious bloginki so I'll whack few statistics of my block 😉 Overall I think somewhere around 6-7 this month I launched and to date statistics are as follows

1. Operating Systems

Windows XP 66.3%
Windows Vista 15.1%
Ubuntu Linux 14%
Debian Linux 1.7%
Windows Server 2003 1.3%
Linux 1.1%
Mac OS X 0.6%

Overall quite a pleasant surprise is that Ubuntu stakav a better rate with very little zled Worms 🙂 other things are clear

2. Browsers

Firefox 3 52.5%
Firefox 2 10.1%
Opera 9.9%
Internet Explorer 6 8%
Internet Explorer 7 7.8%
Safari 5.6%
Internet Explorer 8 3.2%
Iceweasel 1.7%
Epiphany 1.1%
Netscape 0.2%

Here surprises are few besides lisika splits darkness 😉 First IE6 is before IE7 strange because certain second is good maintain everything that otdeleshya IE from a nice modern browser and generally above board who are not has passed the seventh version to do. The second thing is the presence of netskeip Toi Maya this spring stopped him if I'm not mistaken. Most likely some spaidar but you never know. Although very netskeip it stopped directly in their iskachashe window replacement with FF 🙂 Well it was a little but oh heart

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