a few fixes

I was sick for a whole week and I had a hard time reading about Cisco that the module exam was coming soon and basically doing nothing I finally took, that I ran away 😉 I decided to play a little with the CSS on my topic now is the time to hear wild laughter and falling from the chair. It's just that my design skills and knowledge of CSS are ridiculous. Which didn't stop me from making a few small changes to the theme of my blog.

The main changes are 3 😀 they are not many but they are from the heart. I will soon be playing to change a lot of things, that the one already tight seems wooden to me, and change:

  1. Read More the link below the articles leads to the moment when the article is divided. It used to lead to the beginning
  2. Clicking on the comment bubble now leads directly to the comments. It hadn't led anywhere before
  3. Something that irritated me changed the color of the links in the articles, the color is not the best but it is happening for now until I subject everything to a radical change

I made a few changes to the code of the topic that I thought were reasonable for various visualizations, but this will not affect much.


    1. Изглежда добре на шотовете ама нещо успява да ми сдуха всичко инсталира се като хората ама като се активира умира целия блог добре че има rm -r 😀

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