Some New Prostoii

I almost forgot to write, not that I don't want and I'm just totally absorbed in a few new zaribâvki 🙂 .

  1. And absolutely the most important is that I bought procesorče. What to say except that the Athlon is XP 1800+ However, I am currently on overkloknal and 2GHz it works pretty satvilno and does not hold in high temperature 52 degrees. Or maybe more but cooling is a little weak and I don't want to risk. The purchase was pretty good I got 35 Leva which is pretty good for a dying breed processor.
  2. I started to play on World of Warcraft Wow this is like a drug and I played MMORPG However, this animal was so that it's true. Play until late in the evening and morning play before heading up to the RADO to work istinskaludost :P.
  3. I am extremely pleased with the performance of CSKA in mačasreŝu Omonâ from last night. However we played against an opponent with quite a serious Club by seliekciâ 5 million euros against a far more skronata of ceska 2 million. Ostaranihme them and I'd be satisfied at a weak opponent might Omonâ from Tampere.

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