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Today I had to face the half-seated child of M $ Windows Vista(Glista as I say fondly). I don't think he can think of more than Uncle Bill and company. True, this was my first serious contact with Vista, but I'm not a lamer either. The user interface supposedly user friendly is very complicated. While navigating the new environment it took me about 15 min then to set up the internet connection as much more (fortunately he left). Otherwise, people tried to make a beautiful operating system, but maybe that's all. Separately, the laptop I was working on turned off without absolute warning while I was working. His battery really dropped, but he can at least tell me 😉 . His mother finally had another setup to do, but something was wrong and I fucked her. I'm thinking of putting a worm house(to my sister on the computer), to defeat her a little, after all, I have to be ahead of the customers. My personal advice is do not put Vista if you do not absolutely need, the laptop I was working on was some kind of pentium – dual-core, sigurno with gigabyte frames, I did not look at the parameters, It was a brand of iron Toshiba, it worked like my computer with a 700MHz processor. I don't see who is given so much resources just to enjoy some funny air modes that are not so good. I will put a link to my laptop later, which is well below the requirements of Vista, with Beryl plugin to inspire beauty and performance

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