Crazy enjoys a streaky

Today I had to face with baby polsednoto of m $ Windows Vista(Glista and I say a short). The big shit I think I can't invent from Uncle Bill and company. This really was my first serious contact with the Vista Cruiser, I'm not some lame. User friendly user interfeis would and is very complicated. While Orient myself in my environment novaat took about 15 minutes later for danastroâ Internet konekciâta more (Fortunately left). Otherwise, people tried to make beautiful axis, but Maya only. Separately that the laptop that was working shut down without warning while I was working absolutely. But really his battery možepe fell at least tell me 😉 . Fuck in the end stay another nastrjka to do but something is b″gvaše and zaebah. I think I'm going to put a Glistav home(My sister on the computer), that to snoop around a little, However you do need to be before the customers. My personal advice is don't put Vista if not absolutely necessary, laptop on which I worked was a Pentium nâkv – dual-core, securely with a gigabyte of RAM, nepoglednah parameters, It was five, he worked as a tošibaa želâzonnna markvo my comp with 700Mnz processor. I don't see who is given as a resource to the calamus rdva funny some regimes that are not so good. Later I will put a link to my laptop, which is well below the requirements of Vistat, with Beryl plugin to vdite beauty and performance

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