Лудия се радва на шарено

Today I have to confront the M $ Windows Vista half-seated(Glista as I say on the Galeno). I think it can't be invented by Uncle Bill and a company. True this was my first Serisen contact with Virata, But I'm not some. The user interface allegedly Usser Frier is very complicated. The dokata is oriented in a novice environment took me about 15 In the next few minutes the connection (Fortunately left). Otherwise, people tried to make a beautiful operational system, But that's the only thing. Separately, the laptop I was working on turned off without an absolute warning while working. True lost his battery, but he možepe to at least tell me 😉 . His mommy got one more nastrjka to do but something Bgvaše and I. I'm thinking of putting a glystin home(My sister's computer), To study it a little, However I must be before the customers. My personal advice is do not put a vista if you are not absolutely necessary, The laptop I was working with was a Pentium – Dual-Core, Securely with gigabyte RAM, I have not looked at the parameters, It was a Marxist iron-on Toshiba worked as my comp with a 700 MTZ processor. I can't see who's giving him so much resources just to get into some funny-looking modes that aren't that good. Later I will put a link to my laptop, Who is well below the requirements of Vistat, With Beryl plugin to fit beauty and performance

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