slightly jedeite

This beautiful Saturday night, I'm home from namine that pavaresia to jedeite amicita what was 2 versions ago 😆 overall it's good that you know which file Kade I toplil everything went very gradsko just forgot to do 2 fix for css a and one additional setting 🙂, of Course, the theme to fix a rather annoying glitches, for example, shirt bar before was one krivichy and pass one now it looks Very smooth

Week gold Firefox 3.1beta2 do not know how to I complain of brushlet. It was great, than speed. At least 2-3 times for quick as Alcatel linuxia option that was so bad, and even more than Skype ;). I just may have to discontinue the checking compatibility of add-ons it holds super easy. How to open a new tab and in the address bar write about:config Then right bution mouse cliquant and new->boolean the name put extensions.checkCompatibility and stoinost choice false And you are ready

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