Laptop with Vista

Over the weekend I had a big challenge to install one HP TX 1000 Windows XP and he had installed Vista. Before I even started I knew that my mission is not going to be quite easy, zatovapregledah the hardure and saw the essentially what's armed drill. I visited Hewlett Packard the saita-and my nasvalih what I strori is dumb enough, but at least I had the draiveri wireless -with a wireless router. Your re-installation went quite smoothly and normal, expected recognized LAN is still k Nvidia chipset :). I entered instalrah draiverite for wireless-a and HD-Audio and so far so good 🙂 nikakv inenadi all OK. Then I went to saj″a on Nvidia to pull draivera for video and chipset to know Lanta, having previously tried with one of my sister's bottom because it is Nvidia 6100 embedded and the laptop was 6150 and I decided, that's going to happen. But alas no damn reaction. With draivera by saita again too. Hmmm 😈 fuck. Then go directly around the net looking for info and stuff something banged on Wishbone. At one point it occurred to Pusan Everesta to see what info will izkra me about the video is that Nvidia GO 6150 start over again I enter the saita and I'm going to see the series GO draiveri and whoops just beam the 7th series 🙁 fuck (twice)!!! I'm starting again with scratching around the net I found in the Forum with the dudes with a problem like my other laptops. About Provah 10 the link from the wishbone again draiveri. At one point I wondered if the card so it's not just that Vista 😀 adikted was almost no such things though HR is not AXIS aktualana Kat say 98 😉 After izvsno more scratching I found a Spanish site in which a man was installed Windows Tablet Edition of similar Tx lapto 1030 Bingo 🙂 generally the differences are in the size of the display, otpečat″zi scanner and Mai is that. Unfortunately, I'm not stupid and I kept the link to 🙂 starting to saita So worry about the video in one daiver moennt I see that is something quite modified and it was s″ŝestvence in nâkv an additional packing not from official installer of Nvidia I think it was rev″rsnato but I can only guess. I checked and I don't understand Spanish fuck. Then I put the draiver chipset, This time was special, It was some old HAVA, and that was just for the chipset graphic free draiveri. Super had already rabotŝo video and LAN. I drew you a AMD Trution zaradfi draiver 🙂 main battery and I think that's enough new technology to create nedosta″čno proivoditelnost HR-it. Super verče left to put the Tablet player HP Quick Play some not, really brings out your inner ple″če for DVD in tablet mode and use the fast side of Butoh 🙂 display keyboard is still trapped by dipleâ 😉 Um an unpleasant surprise this latest version 3 be maintained only for Vista and for HR has only to 2.3 I put 🙂 it okay my program was good enough to let me know about ″pdeit which turned out to be in the saita http://It turns out that e obaŝa HAVA with HP 🙂 with happy smile on my face on the player 🙂 was working great. Only the modem which is a Motorola unfortunately link in my Spanish saita benefactor didn't work, with Uncle Google did relatively Leno once I knew details :). I started to re-installation 11 I finished successfully and to 17 afternoon 🙁 a hell of a lot of time for such a thing. It turns out that it is much more difficult than I thought, but I was pleased, I understand that every pederastee for the money and a lot of money. Basically my advice for anyone who has decided to get the Vista Cruiser and put the old HR is to put the vseički advance draiveri. If unsure for some to check with Everest from hell for the info of your hardware store. May consider cases through NetA some did it or he's going to be the most 😉 laureta važnto and v″oražete with very nerves because sometimes draiverite nestavat the first time and repeat nalala 😉 😀
After completing the work enjoyed all the power Ma machine. There was already a istata to paw very meaningless and resources

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