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Today was the last nail in the coffin and I decided to start a few explanatory lines to my post pointless 🙂 So to explain what happened – Today, one guy told me – Wow and you had soul 😆 What chance fuck under that brutal ice wrap, under the layers of strength and rigidity and so forth there is soul that float and looking beautiful in the world. Е не по детски и с розови очила но има я оная позитивна сила която и дава усмивката сутрин или пък те кара виждаш лъч светлина в края на тунела или просто се надява понякога на някое малко чудо колкото и да не вярва в тях 😉 Да не съм безчувствено копеле дето не знае какво прави просто понякога (usually) I reserved, concealed but not Simon. I'd rather people around me do not see what is going on in my head, keep your personal world no less than others and feelings are hyped intimate to me. Some people think, I have a problem with the expression of emotions – well, maybe they're right, а може и да не са 🙂

So that's enough nonsense to switch over to the second interesting part of the post – comment of Lily. Hmmm comments is absolute mystique even for me. The author is unknown, I prefer to believe, It was some guy who has seen something that he liked it and it was around to comment. True it sounds incredibly genuine and sincere but – chance, I tried to contact the author of the comment but it didn't work – I have no reverse response. I'd love to talk to someone with such a strong emotion such as its triggered by shenanigans as my 🙂 nice when you make people feel happy.

The third and final interesting piece were a few questions – For who it is addressed? Well, I don't know honestly. Не съм го писал с определена цел да предизвикам емоция в определен човек по скоро ми се пишеше нещо и това ми се въртеше в главата – I was a little sad and so the emotion that brings is such 🙂

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