Christmas soon, fuck off

Christmas is coming 😕 as much as I try to get away from the fact that there is no way all stores and showcases all that is nakičeno with garlands and colorful lights. I started to get these Christmas movies that I saw on 😉 and torrents directly packages with Christmas cartoons will say Now sux shit twisted type that dislikes and like Christmas- podarci, Christmas songs, laugh about eating ognŝeto belly 🙂 Ahahahha I give wonderful card that's utopian one sold poŝandovete of the bookstores and shops for flowers Really mean, 🙂 there are a lot of Christmas I don't like 😉 The many hate things to be in any ramzki to have a certain set of expectations about things, etc and the koelda is the- stereotypical holiday that I can think of, maybe only weddings and funerals are more of her but they are another HAVA. For example, a whole year does not get along with your family--you're 2-3 times a year in your hear is on the phone from the RAI of wind 🙂 the most personal thing you say is look what sneakers I bought or going out and finally have to turn Christmas Eve in Nice family holiday 🙂 No way. But you have to so that what are people going to think, and miscellaneous 🙂 Another heartbreaking example is the pinnacle of hypocrisy in these holidays. For example, donations for orphans and so on. Mr. $ had 10 ziliona currency igraički decided to donate and stuff to say 1-2 k euro 🙂 Super TOA is cool but as you go through the open soul why only in these prazncii do 😉 seŝai is that you need more frequent separately these toys are Bosch natter cessing, pay and good food, fuel for winter remontirai of their old West Wing. In this you are a mega intelligence do that noble work well and should be poakžat for some press how big that has donated things that are more modestly priced than one boot. It's not fair to decide that you are stupid and do not know the correct choice and do it well, get non-public quietly without dragging on the people who you need to know its know Too many 😉 like intelignentnite beings who think it's Christmas for setting foot in church 😉 he whole year away from these things and thought of as a holiday here, It is nice to go to see the people, He's a good man. Great heit″r I say 🙂 well aznemsilâ just negledam with pink glasses. What do you think about the stupid Christmas movies. At least from the 10 years nasma rotates the same every year around the holidays and 🙂 the plot boring and drab as hell.

Instead of conclusion will throw only one enjoy the Christmas holidays of people who like them and others like me to drink a beer together 😉

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