Christmas soon, fuck off

Christmas is approaching 😕 no matter how much I try to escape from this fact there is no way all the shops showcases and so on is decorated with garlands and colored lights. I started playing various Christmas movies 😉 that I saw on torrents straight packages with Christmas movies sux Now she will say fucking distorted type that what do you not like at Christmas- gifts, Christmas songs, laughter around the hearth eating on your stomach 🙂 Ahahahaha I give this wonderful utopian card that is sold by the post offices of bookstores and flower shops 🙂 I really don't like many things at Christmas коле I really hate something to be in some frames to have certain expectations for various things etc. and the koelda itself is the most- stereotypical holiday that come to mind, maybe only weddings and funerals are more than her but they are another hava. For example, you don't get along with your family for a whole year, you go home 2-3 times a year you hear the phone from the rain in the wind 🙂 the personal thing you say to yourself is see what sneakers I bought or will go out and finally you have to turn Christmas Eve into a nice family holiday 🙂 No way. Yes, but that's how people should think, etc. 🙂 Another heartbreaking example is the peak of hypocrisy on these holidays. For example, donations for orphans and so on. MR $ had 10 zillion currency decides to donate toys, etc. to say 1-2K levs 🙂 well super it's cool but as you are so open-minded why only on these holidays you do it трябва remember that you need more often and separately these toys are bosch laf work, pay for good food, fuel for the winter and repair their old west wing. It's not enough that they have mega intelligence, they do such a noble deed, but they have to show in some press how big he is that he has donated things that are cheaper than one of his shoes.. Let's decide that you are dumb and don't think of the right choice, but take it and do it in private quietly and meekly without blowing up, the people who need to know know 😉 in the church 😉 that he was away from these things for a whole year and when the holiday came he remembered, that it's nice to go see people, that he is a good man. I'm a big hater, you'll say 🙂 well, I'm not so strong, I just don't look with pink glasses. And what do you think about dumb Christmas movies. At least from 10 For years, the same thing has been going on every year on holidays, and the plot is hellishly dull and boring..

Instead of a conclusion, I will throw only one merry Christmas to the people who have fun and to the rest like me to drink beer together 😉

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