When will we get better

Last week I returned from a week-long vacation in the Netherlands. I thought, that one day the situation in Bulgaria will improve, but I'm not so optimistic anymore. There the system is extremely well arranged. In The Hague more boulevards I saw were with 2 sails and the largest with 3 and I didn't see any brutal traffic. Another extreme shock was the prices in their large supermarkets – extremely close to the Bulgarian ones. However, their minimum wages start at around 2000 euro 😀 how are you. I thought the Dutch would be cold people – error again. At least those I met were extremely well-meaning and tolerant of foreigners (i). Another pleasant impression is their low construction mass houses are 3 floor for 6 families, creates a very pleasant rural atmosphere in such a large city.People are smiling and friendly – which is normal though, they are not burdened by the everyday life that torments the average Bulgarian. Which in itself comes from a well-organized system.

This was my first trip abroad in a long time 7 years 😀 The world has changed, an ID card is enough to be 2 hours later on 2500 kilometers distance. Traveling within the EU is more than simple. I'm already making bad plans for future destinations – Italy, France 🙂 The world is a table let's drink together as the poet had said.

p.s In the logic of my thoughts when we will get better – the answer is never. After completing the CCNA and taking the certificate, think of a better side. In general, the outcome of the crisis is one – first terminal.

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