the neighborhood hacker

today I came across a very fun read 🙂 the neighborhood hacker sounds ridiculously funny, but it's very small. I call a lot of people like that and it's crazy how people can think that they are some 🙂 is after 2-3 “accidental” злополуки хората разбират че въздесъщия разбирач е просто поредния глупак 🙂 Без да обиждам никои но както се казваше в едно мое любимо апокрифно произведение времната на the real programmer the diapers and pacifiers are not gone, they only express his posture better. Sometimes, however, it is interesting to see how destructive a person's self-deception can reach. It's not just about computers, but in general. In his imaginary world living far from reality, dealing with things beyond his means. As my little brother says Some just can do more than others

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