What I want to be when I grow up big

Composition of first grader on "What I want to be when I grow up"

I want to become a programmer when I grow up, because it's a great job and it's simple. That's why there are so many programmers now and they are constantly becoming more and more.

Programmers are not required to go to school, they must learn to read in computer language, to be able to talk to computers. I think, that programmers must be brave, so as not to be afraid when everything breaks down, so that no one will understand. They must speak English, to know what they need to do. And they must have good eyesight, so that they can see under people's clothes and not be afraid of secretaries, because you have to work with them.

I also like the salary, which programmers receive. They get so much money, that they fail to spend all. This is because everyone thinks, that the work of programmers is difficult, only programmers know, that it is simple.

It is OK, which I don't like, Furthermore, that all girls like programmers and want to marry them and that's why women have to chase them, so as not to interfere with the work.

I hope, that I am not allergic to office dust, because I have an allergy to dogs. If I have an allergy to office dust, I will not be able to become a programmer and I will have to look for a real job.

😈 😈 this is called his job 😉 even I would like to become such a programmer. The post is taken from a Russian blog which has already shortened unfortunately, otherwise I would have come across something else interesting 😉

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