I bought a router (it was high time) the model is Linksys WRT54G v2. To some extent, the model is a veteran, but this is not a problem 🙂 more importantly, it supports Linux firmware. The flash with dd-wrt took place on the 15th minute after it was in my hands 😈 In general, the flash is done without problems through the web interface (as on most linksys) I just couldn't let the router sit with the buggy company software, an absolute shame for Cisco, in my opinion 😉. If I hadn't picked up her handkerchiefs tonight, and if I hadn't messed with the hidden one, I would still be alive in Uptayim. 2 days without the need to restart 🙂 is not who knows what achieved now I will see how long it will last. Separately, I searched the net and saw some hellish mods on the router itself, such as a transplant MMC / CD memory card and various other ones that I'm thinking of trying 😉

ps. I also bought a tent 🙂 My own tent. I hope to test it soon 🙂

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