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For a long time I had no time to look at the blogs that I read a particle 🙂 I saw that I missed this one wonderful post by Annie. Hmmm, that made me think about a lot of things. On 23 I am with a kilo of failed relationships behind me, I know very well how to get into a woman's panties but I don't know how to behave normally or keep her by my side 🙁 Not that I'm complaining but there are moments when the indiscriminate display of moths gets tired 🙂 It's just that maybe sometimes it's better to have someone to talk to more about than me….. abe uninteresting topics 🙂 Hihihihi and don't be so critical please, of course the fault is in the others I'm perfect hihihihihi. I realize, that it is painfully clear, that it is easier to choose an inclined plane than to – do the things you need to do. According to elementary physical laws, sliding down requires less force than, say, in a flat direction 😉 Of course, I also fill your heads with nonsense., I don't think it's enough for me to just have sick thoughts in me

Here is a song with relatively common things with her post

ps. Thank you very much friends today there will be a record again 😉 We would already old tomorrow I'll tell you how much, I love you very much and don't bother reading


  1. Huh! Just to tell you, my dear Smehurko, that the problems with love are not only in your TV. Until recently, I thought, that I am manic mistaken, with distractions of muffin and karma to come across unique IzromruDi (as an amigo calls most of my exes lol). To some extent, I even calmed down with this idea. Would not, however. Obviously not, stress, the city, the whole 21 century lueko hinders things with commitment…..a lot of people are complaining around me. We live in a time very crowded with information and opportunities. Which generates indiscriminate, team and any other type of sex. Nooo, there is always hope – шшшпоко:Q Don't fight 🙂 Success and dare, your daily butterfly will also appear:Р

    1. Hahahahahaha, he's already caught me here 😉 In principle and in terms of principles, I'm a rational and relatively non-crunchy child, but sometimes the ball starts to hit me harder than usual and so hihihihih I read such nice posts as Ani's and I remember that I have friends who will get married and they are my age and I have one 🙂 but these are short-term consequences, as they say, the morning is wiser than the evening 🙂

  2. See, there is another theory – a solar eruption is detected. As soon as I started writing suicide posts HAHHA. Otherwise, nn I know if you know, but I am divorced. Huh. For this or another time:) But they also agreed with me, some people got pregnant and so on…we will not become smaller:) But I say again – calm and only calm. It does not happen by force 🙂

    1. uh, it's something I didn't know color expression “and push it and it won't come in easily” Giggles and didn't talk about what you'd think. And my peace of mind is easy beer chips and some nice music 😉

  3. Well, nothing really happens with effort, but too much calm doesn't seem to be good either 😉
    Thinking of an acquaintance, with which we have 4 days difference… and the second is already passing, and we are still arguing over who should ask whom and whether 😀

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